“I love the JavaJug.   After I got mine I bought one for each of my grown kids.   My son says it makes a great cup of coffee and my daughter loved it on a recent trip… made coffee with it every day.   It’s a hit in our family!”   Elizabeth Davies, St Paul MN

“JavaJug rocks. My kids took it camping and they said it saved their lives.   I use it every morning to make 2 cups.”

“Ever since I first started using the AeroPress I was looking for a way to safely carry it on the motorcycle, and this product was exactly what I was looking for.”

“Perfect for pressing into. No dribbles out the side as I was experiencing with my mugs.   It pours very well with no drips.  Have been making more double cups.   Reheats easily on our gas range.”

“It makes great coffee and clean up is so easy with it.   No staining so really a quick wash and it is ready to go again.   Filters were easily available in Australia so I didn’t buy the permanent filter but if I were taking one anywhere else I would try the permanent filter.   Great travel companion”

“I love using the JavaJug instead of a coffee mug and then trying to pour the coffee into other cups without a mess.”  Jan

“Love it.   Always feel like I’m about to crush a standard mug with the AeroPress whereas the JavaJug is sturdy enough.”

“First, I have loved my AeroPress from the first day.   It makes the best cup of coffee.   There is NO auto-drip machine that compares.   Second, to be able to use my AeroPress even more efficiently by brewing more than a single cup at a time… was the most delicious gift EVER!!!

“It’s like a Swiss Army knife for all your AeroPress components.”   Scott

“If it was just one of us, the AeroPress alone would be perfect. But there was always that catch-up with two people wanting to have coffee together. The JavaJug is perfect! A little experimentation with quantities…and you’re off to the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had…every morning!” John Johnson, Nova Scotia

“Excellent storage option for the AeroPress, which doubles as a way to brew and serve more than one cup if needed. It’s a permanent part of my camping gear.”  Rob in NH

“Still the prettiest household article in my kitchen!”  Thilo Bauer (Germany)

“The JavaJug does exactly as promised, providing a way to brew and serve multiple cups of coffee and offering a very compact way to store all the parts. This is a necessary companion to the AeroPress as it increases the functionality tremendously”

“Totally useless do not buy – it is a glorified container nothing more.  Total waste of money”

“It’s transformed my AeroPress from a coffee maker I liked to one I love. Coffee making ritual and aesthetic appeal are important in daily life, and now there’s a coherence and a charm to the experience of using the AeroPress that was previously missing. ”

“The JavaJug provides easy storage and travel, and it is very handy for making several cups of coffee. Now that I have it I wouldn’t be without it!”   Cathie R

“JavaJug isn’t necessary to use your AeroPress, but it is really fun to have to use with it.   It’s very nice quality and is a part of the whole experience of brewing your coffee using this method.”

“I love this product. I use it to brew more than one cup of coffee or take it as a travel mug. I love the red sleeve.   GREAT PRODUCT”   Susan

“It is a rough utilitarian piece of equipment that would be at home in a miners camp. It has a very sharp unfinished edge and is dangerous to use as a mug. The little clasp is very clunky and lacks fine elegant design.”

“I’m a university student in Turkey and I’m pretty much a AeroPress lover.   JavaJug is the most useful tool for serving and brewing coffee!”   Onur Sürmeli

“This is what I have been waiting for, now I have replaced my french press with the JavaJug when camping.   Just perfect for making more than one cup of coffee.   4 scoops of coffee is enough for 1 liter, goes right into my thermos.   For best results I brew 2 coffee scoops at a time.   The coffee taste much better than the French press, and you don’t get the coffee fat and the “sludge” residues in the bottom of your cup…   Highly recommended”

“I no longer need a drip machine! I can fill two thermoses quickly now with JavaJug!!”

“I am a teacher, and every morning before I head to class I prepare my days ration with the AeroPress and JavaJug.   I pour the brew in a large thermos and I am good to go!   The AeroPress and the JavaJug pair well together and make it easy to prepare a pot of great pressed coffee.   Once brewing is done, the AeroPress can be cleaned and nearly stored away inside of the JavaJug.   Highly recommend for teaching professionals or anyone who has an affinity for fantastic coffee.”

“Very convenient for keeping AeroPress together”

“JavaJug makes brewing a cup of Joe much easier.   Less pressure needed for extraction; more stable and you can brew more than one cup.   Makes a very convenient storage unit for the AeroPress when traveling.   Very cool indeed.”

“Perfect for more than one cup.”   Gordon Peffer

“I’ve only owned the JavaJug for a few months but it has already saved me tons of time and lots of messes.  No more cup-by-cup brewing.   No more spills while trying to split the coffee concentrate between two mugs. This is what every AeroPress enthusiast needs.”   Joe L-E

“A safer way to travel with my AeroPress and prevents spillage…”

“The JavaJug is great for carrying around all my aeropress parts while I travel.   I travel all the time and this helps me take my complete coffee system with me everywhere.”   Kyle W.

“The AeroPress makes the best coffee I’ve ever had. T  he JavaJug finally lets me brew multiple cups – excellent! ”

“The JavaJug is the perfect companion to the AeroPress – a match made in coffee heaven!   A&B Saskatoon, SK”

“I love my JavaJug!! I use it every morning. I can now drink 2 cups of coffee easily without having to use the Aeropress twice.  The measurements on the inside are also brilliant. 🙂 ”   Valérie, Ontario, CAN

“Very convenient for brewing more than a cup.”

“The Java Jug has proven to be a great asset for making more than one cup of espresso, and adding just the right amount of water for an Americano…or a Canadiano if you reside north of the border!”

“Makes making the best coffee even quicker than ever.”   Michael Newton

“Totally overpriced.   I got almost same size SS mug from UPS for free”

“It’s great – I was using a glass measuring cup before I purchased this, but was a little worried it was going to crack. This is a good way to keep everything together and measure out multiple cups. The only thing I would change is the thermal “coat”. I think an embedded piece of rubber (non removable) might be a bit better. The issue is the coat is hard to clean and you definitely get coffee on it that needs to be cleaned.”

“I love the JavaJug! I always get compliments from guests that it’s great tasting coffee!”   Chris from Saskatoon

“Great addition to my AeroPress Addiction!”   B Lawless

“The JavaJug is the perfect companion to the AeroPress.   It stores it and it’s parts and serves as a great reciprocal for pressing and serving coffee.   I think they should be sold together by default.”

“Great convenience”

“I wouldn’t recommend an AeroPress to anyone without recommending the JavaJug along with it.  It’s a great container for all my AeroPress stuff and it’s handy for when I want to make coffee for my coworkers.”   Sam G.

“Great product, does exactly what I need.”   Darrel

“I looked silly using a measuring cup to make 2 cups of coffee when I had visitors but now I feel like a pro with the JavaJug”

“Simple and elegant, like the AeroPress!”

“I have arthritic wrists so the JavaJug makes a very stable base when making the coffee”   Jeanne

“It’s custom built for the AeroPress – it’s the perfect accessory!”

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